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Mixin to close custom elements when user do a click in any area of the document.

This mixin, that you may apply to any Custom Element, offers a way to close elements when the user clicks in any area of the document.


npm i @dile/dile-close-document-click-mixin


Import and extend your class.

To use it you only need to extend your custom element class with the mixin.

import { DileCloseDocumentClickMixin } from '@dile/dile-close-document-click-mixin';

class MyElement extends DileCloseDocumentClickMixin(HTMLElement) {
  // your custom element code...


To do it's work, the mixin depends on a close() method created in your custom element class.

You need to implement the close() method on your own custom element to do the specific work to close your element.

Available methods

The mixin also provides two utility methods implemented in your custom elements:

Implementatios of DileCloseDocumentClickMixin

Some components that implements DileCloseDocumentClickMixin: