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Mixin to create slidedown / slideup effects in Web Components, useful to easily hide or show elements with a smooth animation.

Extending it, provides two methods to your component:

The second argument is useful when you don't want to hide completely the element. In that cases you can pass targetHeight value with the pixel unit to leave this portion of the element visible.


To obtain a smooth animation you need to configure the transition on the animated element. Also the required overflow: hidden; to make the element not visible when the height attibute changes.

#element {
  transition: height 0.3s ease-in;
  overflow: hidden;

This mixin does not add overflow: hidden; and height CSS properties for you!

It is important to not use an animation with more than 0.5s of duration.


npm install @dile/dile-slide-down-mixin


Use the mixin

import { LitElement, html, css } from 'lit';
import { DileSlideDownMixin } from '@dile/dile-slide-down-mixin';

class NewComponent  extends DileSlideDownMixin(LitElement) {


In order to close (or show) the element you need to call the mixin methods, sending the layer DOM element.

close() {
  let elem = this.shadowRoot.getElementById('element');
open() {
  let elem = this.shadowRoot.getElementById('element');

Implementations of DileSlideDownMixin

Example implementations of this mixin: